Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean, “Name Your Price?”

    • Name your price! Pick the package that suits your needs, and enter a reasonable price you’d be willing to pay for the service.   That’s all there is to it!

What is a reasonable price?  How do I know how much to offer?

Since we accept all reasonable offers, it really depends on what you feel comfortable paying. In addition, our system will let you know if the offer is too low for the market, and gives you another chance to find the right price.

Do I have to give you a credit card before I place my offer?

    • No! All offers are no-obligation, but you do have to register.  Once you have an accepted offer you can decide to place a 50% deposit to secure your date, location and vendor at the guaranteed price. Once we accept an offer it will expire 7 days after you have placed if you don’t place your deposit.

How are you getting me such a great price?

    • We have established long-term relationships with qualified professionals across the country…many times, the same professionals you may have met while shopping for a service provider yourself.  However, because of our relationship and volume of business, those same professionals are willing to sell their unbooked time to us at a deep discount…and we pass the savings on to you!

I live in ____________. Can you find someone for me?

    • Probably! We have a large network of qualified professionals across the country, and are expanding every day.

Can I make offers on more than one service?

    • Yes!  You can make an offer for each type of service you need! The more offers you make, the more you save!

How do I know I’m getting a qualified wedding professional?

    • Professionals who want to work for us must become Wu-CertifiedTM, which requires they go through a simple but rigorous 3-step process. In fact, it’s so rigorous that only 15% make it through.
      • Step 1:  Equipment and Experience Test.  We make sure that all our professionals have extensive experience and the equipment necessary to deliver the promised services.
      • Step 2:  Skill and Knowledge Test.  We make sure all our professionals have the requisite technical skills by putting them through a skill and knowledge test developed by leading industry professionals to further confirm their ability to deliver the level of professional quality services we require. 
      • Step 3:  Interview and background check.  We subject all our professionals to a background check including customer references, an evaluation of their work portfolio, and final interview with our talent acquisition team made up of our own top industry professionals.
      • For more information on our Wu-CertificationTM Process please click here.

When can I speak with my photographer / videographer / DJ?

After you pay your deposit, we will send you an event planning form to fill out giving us more details about your event, along with any special requests. Once we have this info, we provide to your assigned vendor so they are fully aware of your needs.

They will then contact you no later than 3 weeks before your event to introduce themselves and go over all the details.

If I am kind of nervous about the timing of the call, can I speak to my assigned vendor earlier in the process?

Yes, you can if you make this special request, but the way our system works, we “buy” vendors unbooked time, and the closer to your event time, the less likely they will cancel for a higher paying job. We have found that vendors that are unbooked less than 4 weeks before a date have a much higher chance of following through.

What if my vendor doesn’t show up?

    • The funny thing is that this same question can be asked of any vendor you book yourself. What if your vendor doesn’t show up? That is the beauty of our system. We have a 3 tier confirmation system which makes sure your assigned vendor confirms 7 days, 24 hours and 6 hours. They will also be in direct contact with you from that point. If they fail to confirm at any point, our system will alert us and we will use all our resources to track the problem, or find an emergency replacement.
    • As a matter of fact, we have such a great system that many of our customers used us to find replacements of their vendor that cancelled, some with only hours’ notice. Please check out our most recent video testimonial.
    • In fact, we’re so confident we can provide a qualified service provider for your event we offer the industry first “Double-Your-Money-Back” guarantee. Click here to see the details.

How many weddings have you provided service for?

    • Over 150 and counting, across the country.

Do you provide service for non-wedding events?

    • All the time!   We’ve provided photography, videography, and DJ services for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinconces, and corporate events too!

My event is soon. Can you find someone short-term?

    • Yes! We’re great at finding qualified professionals in a pinch. We consider “short-term” to be over a week away. If your event is in a week or less, call us!  Click here and watch country-singer and celebrity Adam Tucker tell how we provided a videographer for his concert in less than an hour!

I’ve paid my deposit, or full amount. What’s your cancellation policy?

In the occurrence of cancellation of the event, the retainer paid is non-refundable. In the event of postponement, there is a 10% charge of the entire amount of the event, if the postponement is within 60 days or less of the event. If 61 days or longer prior to the event, then there is no charge to re-schedule a date. Every effort will also be made to retain the original photographer/ videographer. However in the event he/she is already booked on the new date, a quality replacement will be substituted.

I’m a blogger / journalist / investor, do you have a press page?

    • Yes, here’s our press page.


How will I get my photos?

    • You’ll be able to review your images online and we’ll also mail you a high-resolution CD of all images within 10 days of your event.

Can I see sample photographs from past events?


How will I get my “raw” footage?

    • We’ll send you a DVD of your “raw” footage no later than 2 weeks after your event. We’re currently working on a way to let you stream your footage online.

Do your videographers edit the footage?

    • No. Editing should be done by a graphic designer (which most videographers aren’t). We make sure all videographers use a broadcast quality HD camera, and off camera mic to capture all the audio. All the footage is then given to you on a Dvd for you to watch and distribute any way you choose. You can also take this DVD to an editor to get edited footage, or use WedWu’s editing package to accomplish.


I like X type of music. Can the DJ accommodate?

    • Yes, our DJs will play whatever you want.

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